Genesis Software Corp.
St. Petersburg, FL USA
Software Professionally

I have been providing software and software development services to large and small corporations since the late 1980's. A majority of the work I do is on custom software and data owned by my clients.

In addition to developing and maintaining business grade software, I have created software tools that assist my day to day work. Some of which I make available on this website.

My approach to software and system design has found success by using a simple and elegant undertone even on projects that are incredibly complex. Creating and enhancing software applications is a craft that blends experience and ingenuity. Likewise, managing the software development process. Crafts that I have a reputation for performing with excellence.

Large corporations use me primarily for computer programming, and often to assist with a plethora of software maintenance/management needs that require a highly skilled and experienced professional.

Small companies use me to adapt products like Quickbooks® to integrate with day to day operations and for writing custom software applications that give them an advantage in their respective line of business.

All my clients will attest to the return on investment regarding any custom software designed for them. Also the software being reliable, trustworthy, and well supported.

My customers small and large have put a roof over my family and food on the table. A fact for which I am extremely grateful. Contact me directly to see how a software application can help meet your business goals.